About Me

Bernard's Photo - 2015

Hello, I’m Bernard Teo

Born and bred in sunny Singapore.
Speaking often with a “lah” or “lor”

Cannot tell you my actual age,
Nor can I write it on this page.

Can only say I’ve played marbles,
Flew paper kites & caught spiders.

Spent 4 yrs in a neighborhood school,
Though not the cream, but not a fool.

Love to read and love to play,
And made new friends, needless to say.

Went to Poly my priorities switched,
To a new campus, the old I ditched.

Made new friends and learnt new things,
Exciting enough for new beginnings.

After graduation, to the army I went,
Two and a half years there, was where I spent.

Fresh out of army and into recession,
Took any low-pay job, as a concession.

Good times returned, it’s time to look ,
For better paying jobs in every corner and nook.